Sales, Market and Service with In-store Data

That you never had


We integrate with existing CCTV systems, measuring almost every visual action in stores, real-time.
Driving performances, detecting fraud and improving the decision making process.


Measuring the factors that impact your revenue in real time



Product visibility



Traffic & Segmentation

In store customer’s journey

Conversion to sales


Time to service

Service time

Sales process


Loss prevention


Out of Stock



Managers take data-based decisions and quick corrective actions. Now

Both our phone App and Desktop software allow managers to view real-time CCTV footage and make data-informed decisions.


Our software analyses the footage data and advises your staff on the plans of action.



Founded in 2018 as a RMS NEXT company, RMS NEXT is extremely focused on changing the physical retail world for the best.

Unlocking the potential of retail leaders is why we exist.

A hybrid man-machine collaboration is how we do it.

Delivering knowledge that was not available before, from & to the retail space is what we do.

Founded by Yosef Levi . Fuelled by 150 dedicated employees.

We are RMS NEXT.


We are truly passionate about unlocking people’s potential to become better- Aka leadership. People become better when they have measurable goals, real time feedback and the right tools. When a marketing manager sees the impact of her campaign five minutes after the stores open, and a sales person is getting visual feedback for the service level that was given to his customers, they can and will become better


We service a few dozen industry-leading companies. We won’t bore you with lists, but here are just a few of them:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating value for partners, clients & places...

Usually referred as stake holders & environmental Compliances

Creating value is basically the answer to ‘why RMS NEXT exist’. We do that in the following ways:

  • We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all of our dealings with potential, current and past partners & clients, both in terms of standard commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal information received in the course of providing the business services concerned.
  • We conduct all of our activities professionally while being visible & honest. Execution is one of our three pillars (Innovation. Execution. FUN) and we take great care, effort and pride to do so.
  • We like to challenge ourselves, and therefore we try to challenge our partners & clients to be on a constant journey of doing things differently & better.
  • We work in several continents, countries & locations. We try to create value, protect and respect places, cultures and societies we work with. RMS NEXT’s people are our ambassadors and as we take great amount of pride in how we do things, we encourage our people to share our culture in an ‘open source’ manner.

Taking care of our people....

Usually referred to as HR Policy.

Taking care of our people means giving respect, being visible & creating pride in RMS NEXT.

This is how we do it:

  • Starting from the stage of recruitment, all of our candidates are treated with respect; receive prompt replies & explanations, in case they were not accepted. All the while, being fairly paid for our training period.
  • Every new member in RMS NEXT gets a detailed position description and information about where he/she can learn about the duties and responsibilities related to their position. He/she will be guided and supervised by a mentor for the first two months in RMS NEXT.
  • Following a short probation period, RMS NEXT employees receive a long-term contract, that includes:
  • 1. Private insurance. Personal/family insurance.
  • 2. Leave & vacation: Paid sick leave and monthly days off. Paid vacation on public holidays. A fully paid day off on birthday.
  • 3. Monthly paid salary & bonuses that encourage challenge, effort & creativity.
  • 4. Professional training and courses to improve soft & hard skills.
  • 5. FUN. This is one of RMS NEXT three pillars (Innovation. Execution. FUN). Monthly parties, competitions, birthday celebrations and small appreciations for great effort.

‘We believe in teaching our people well enough so they can leave, but treating them in a way that they will not want to leave’

We expect our people to take care and have pride in RMS NEXT. So, if you are with RMS NEXT, the following is expected:

  • Treat your colleagues with respect. Help other RMS NEXT members to fulfil their work. Encourage your colleagues and treat them in the way you would want to be treated.
  • Respect the effort & resources invested in the company’s facilities & equipment. Avoid neglecting and reporting malfunctions. Or, in short, treat it as your own.
  • Perform your duties in the best way you can. If you have difficulties, or need help, contact ‘RMS NEXT Angel’ or your supervisor. We appreciate your effort – you will get the help you need.